new environments of mobility

Mobilität braucht gutes Entertainment

Nkululeko Innocent Dube & Mercy Kayumba

Innocent; art director
Mercy; art administrator

“Are you travelling a lot?”
Innocent: “I am an arts director. My life is creating music, dance, theatre and taking it all over the world, so I travel a lot. Travelling is good. It’s refreshing. You get to know and experience life that is different from the life you are used to. You open up your mind.”
Mercy C: ”I work as an arts administrator. I manage artists and also do bookings and public relations with clients. So I am responsible getting an artist from one point to another. It depends on the distance but generally are costs the most important factor when you have to choose the mode of transport”

“Can you tell us about mobility in Zimbawe?!”
I: “Zimbabwe had a lot of economic problems and the cities could not run the big city busses anymore that had clear bus-stops and schedules. Now they are totally gone and this situation was an opportunity for people to buy mini-busses, the transport system is not owned by the city anymore but by private persons and they make money of it. In Vienna trains and busses can leave with two people, in Bulawayo the mini-busses depend on their paying customers, so they need to get full before they go into the city. It’s always good to find a bus that is almost full and you are the last person boarding, they take 18 people and have to be full. So if a meeting ist at 12, I know I must leave at 10.”

“So you have to wait a lot?”
I: “Yes we do! This is one of my nightmares. I hate stopovers because sometimes they can be boring. The first thing I try to look for is the WIFI.”
M: “I sleep. Because most of the airports , don’t offer free internet.
Sometimes you get 30 minutes for free but then it’s gone and all you can do is maybe playing games on your phone and when you get tired of that you can only sleep.”

“Do you have suggestions to ameliorate stop overs?”
“Comfortable places to sit and really relax, good entertainment, game centers. Maybe a temporary pass to go into the city depending on how long your stay lasts. And things have to get cheaper – at airports and big stations they know that you are waiting and depending on them. Really everything is so expensive. Sometimes you have to change money and this means you loose money before you loose even more money buying over-expensive things. I don’t understand why coffee or soda should cost more when you are travelling.”


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